Day 8: Last Day at Villa de Wilson-Burns

I’ve lost my notes for this day, but I can give you the highlights.

Even though we had one more set of park tickets for Universal, we decided we were done.  We’d gotten the tickets for the last two days for free anyway, so we didn’t call it a loss.  We slept as long as we wanted, some more than others.

I got up around 9, brewed some coffee, and blogged.  Alli was doing this:


She was wearing her new favorite outfit:  a Griffindor Quidditch shirt and a Panama Jack hat.  She wore it non-stop until we got home.

When everybody finally got up, we looked like this much of the day:


Or this:



It rained hard in the afternoon, but Alli and I decided to get out and have an early dinner.  We decided on a nearby Sushi place;  Happy Sushi or some such, but Zomato got the address wrong.  We ended up at a residence.  The real one was 20 miles away.  We ended up at a Chili’s where we ate a very loud meal with a hundred families with little children.

At the house, we watched a couple of movies:  Krampus ( an evil anti-Santa terrorizes a family who’s lost the spirit of Christmas) and Grandma with Lily Tomlin which was really good.

After everyone was in bed, I decided to step outside and say goodbye to the neighborhood.  It was very quiet.  The rain had stopped.  I was feeling a sense of satisfaction from having pulled off such a good trip with Jennifer,

20160610_212014.jpg and I also felt a tiny sense of grief for the end of it.




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