Day 4: Down Day


Scull – Alli Wilson-Burns

On Monday, we decided to take our down day.  We slept in, ate Honeycomb cereal (a rare sugar cereal vacation exception), sipped coffee, read, made art, blogged, watched tv, and lounged in the pool.


20160606_162736.jpgOur only outing of the day was to take a late lunch/early dinner at Giordano’s Pizzaria. It got good reviews on Zomato and they make a gluten-free crust. I hesitate to even write about this because it was not a very positive experience.  The calamari may have been pork bung (thanks This American Life). It was not my favorite. I just deleted about 500 words about how bad the service was, but you don’t want to hear that!

On the way home, we stopped by a Red Box and picked up The Martian.  The kids had seen it, but Jenn and I had not.  They wanted to see it again, so it was a good choice.  The movie was fantastic.  We all hit the hay after that.



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